I know what it is like to be bullied, I have felt the same pain, same confusion, same aggression that you do.

See, bullying is something that will either make you or break you; for me at the time, it broke me, into millions of pieces. But eventually it has made me into the person that I am today.

I may not have gone through the same bullying you are but the pain is all the same, just in different intensities.

Let’s me tell you a short story:-

One day, about 2 years ago, I was in my 2nd period history class, we had just had a lesson about slavery and the slave trade and it made me feel very venerable being one of the only black people in that class. I remember it like a bad dream – people sat directly behind me were talking about how stupid history lessons on slavery were.

It felt like people were looking at me, some were in fact. After this lesson, I ran out faster than you could say ‘slavery,’ I just ran out thinking that nobody really cared about me but luckily my friends reassured me that this wasn’t true. Later on that day, last period, RE, there were three boys sat around me, whose names I shall not disclose, they were just trying to verbally and racially abuse me. The two boys behind me were telling the guy next to me what to say.

They were talking about my family, my parents and grandparents. Disrespecting them, ridiculing them, being down right evil. Feeling like a pressure cooker, I exploded hitting the guy next to me repeatedly as I stood up and shouted over the teacher. She had no clue it was going on yet I was sat at the front, directly in front of her, (I bet she could hear but she just thought it was a joke) she, along with the rest of the class, was shocked and astounded, not only at the boys around me, but at me too.

As if they could never expect this after what happened that morning. I got escorted out of the classroom as my face poured with tears. I got taken to student welfare who spoke with me and tried to help and also said the way I reacted was incorrect (at this point I was fuming) but they reassured me that I wouldn’t get in trouble and the other boys will. Like the good people they were, some of my friends – mainly girls at the time – packed my bag and put my books away for me. I felt so touched.

Even though this experience was horrible, diabolical even, I learnt from it. I became a stronger person, I became more comfortable in my own skin and I became less sensitive, as I was an extremely sensitive boy. I started clubs to build up my self-esteem, I gained friends, true ones, not the conditional friends. I felt like a better person, but I didn’t go through it alone.

Luckily, my parents found out about me being bullied (which happened for 7 years, aged 6 to age 13) they helped me through every step of the way. It wasn’t easy. I won’t give you false hope: it really won’t be easy but you can battle against it.

Unfortunately, there are so many teenagers and children scared to tell anyone, especially with the cyber bullying epidemic, because they are afraid it getting worse so they bottle it up.

Here is a helpful tip for anyone going through bullying: DO NOT BOTTLE ANYTHING UP!

As a friend and as someone who cares for your wellbeing, tell somebody, especially your parents.

I didn’t tell my parents about all of my bullying until I was about 12, I would always hide something and it would eat at me like wolves, making me feel ill, my diet was messed up, I used to comfort eat to ease the pain but it never seemed to subside.

The reason I am posting this is because I believe that the end of bullying starts with me, it starts with you, it starts with us. If you see a friend going through bullying, help them, comfort them, don’t just sit back and say ‘there is nothing I can do’ because there is, you can talk to them. Talking helps more than you could ever know and so does hugging, it releases endorphins ( scientifically proven) and makes a person feel better about themselves.

My mission is to help someone, if you have got out of bullying this should be your mission too. So many people have ended their lives without seeing their full potential simple because some petty vile people wanted a laugh.

Look at supporting charities like beat bullying.


They have done brilliant work and you would be surprised to how much support you get.

Now please, if you are a bully reading this, get a life, don’t make others feel worthless when you do because it is unfair and injust. Grow up; it is tacky, immature and vile. How would you like it if the same happened to you? How would you like a taste of your own medicine?

I truly do believe that I got through bullying with two big things, my parents but most of all God.

Stay protected, blessed and victorious!


Victorious Everyday

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