Angel Sinclair is a phenomenal lady who founded Models Of Diversity and I had the opportunity to interview her.  

(Post Updated 21/04/19)

But before we jump into the interview, Let’s find out a little more about Models of Diversity.

“Models of Diversity is the campaign for more diversity in the models we see every day. We call on the fashion, beauty and marketing industries to recognise the beauty in people of all races, ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities. Our mission is to change the face of fashion and modelling.” 

So as you can see, they are pushing for change within the industry and rightfully so. I try my best to show diversity on my channels and in the content I produce or repost.

You may also be familiar with some Models of Diversity such as Jack Eyers (Mr England, Congratulations!) and Kelly Knox. Eyers and Knox both walked in this year’s Teatum Jones show at London Fashion Week and completely took over the media. These fabulous humans were featured in BBC News, The Telegraph & Huffpost Style UK. I even saw them featured on ITV news and I was filled with pride.

Now let’s find out more about the amazing woman empowering others to love themselves and to show that beauty is not limited to the cookie-cutter format we have been used to seeing:

What advice would you give to your 12-year-old self?

One of the things I would have said to myself is to have more faith in myself and that no matter what happens I would be ok. I would remind myself of the importance of self-acceptance coz in the 70s it was non-existent. As a child who was bullied, my self-confidence was so low that I saw no future so I would tell myself that there is a bright future ahead no matter what people may say. And that I am lovable.

What have been your biggest successes throughout your career?

Working for refuge as a domestic counselor was a huge success, supporting thousands of women over a 12 year period. Being one of the first in the UK to put on a plus size show that featured some of the world’s top plus-size models Lizzie Miller, Tacora Jones, and Robyn Lawley.

How have you maintained your successful career?

I would say by having a strong spiritual connection and having a great network of family and friends who keep me grounded.  I have also drawn great successes from doing a lot of voluntary work within the alcohol and drugs community.

Who or what helped you along the way?

My best friend Peter Jeal. he is now the chairman of MOD. Peter has always inspired me, believed in me and supported me. He is my Rock. He is constantly doing things for other people selflessly.


What obstacles have you faced along the way and how have you overcome them?

For a six-year period, I have fought tirelessly for disabled models who wouldn’t necessarily have a voice. I come up against obstacles daily within the fashion industry and am constantly having doors shut in my face, however, I persevere and don’t give up which has led to great breakthroughs with models such as Jack Eyres walking in fashion weeks around the world.

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to someone just starting out in your industry?

First and foremost would be that they have to have self-belief. The second would be that NO is not an option. No matter how many times they may hear it they have to go in and stick to what they believe in and their end goal. And Lastly, Believe in the power of giving. Every day do one act of kindness and the universe will be kind to you.

What is next for you and your career?

I want to do more to highlight the issue of the lack of Models of Color within the media. My next step will be to open a small diverse modeling agency in London that promotes a healthy happy body image to the everyday consumer.
As you can see, Angel works tirelessly to allow under-represented demographics of society to have a voice within the fashion and media industry. Just watch this space, diversity is on the way!

What are your opinions on diversity within the fashion industry? Comment below!

God Bless


Victorious Everyday

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