Today is International Men’s day and this week has been Anti Bullying week and I wanted to bring them both together.

(Post Updated 22/04/19)

We as guys are the worst at talking about our issues and this is why we are most likely to commit suicide. This is a serious problem.

I am tired of seeing my fellow brothers dying because they had no one to talk to in their time of need. This why I decided to write this.

The videos I filmed this week are all to do with appreciating people now whilst they are alive and respecting yourself.

Being Men Kind is so much more than just being kind to blokes, it’s about being respectful, caring and empathetic to all. 

Without this way of thinking, we often fall into being the opposite: disrespectful, rude and unreasonable which can commonly lead to bullying. 

I am someone who has been bullied for a fair majority of his life and most of the people who bullied me actually did so because they were not completely okay themselves. Imagine if someone was kind to them if someone listened to them, who actually heard them out on all of the things they wanted to say. Maybe the outcome could have been different and they wouldn’t have been my bullies, they could have been my friends.

I truly believe in the power of love, kindness, and compassion and we as men have a duty to help one another stop living miserably. 

My challenge for you is this: find a brother, a mate, a father, find someone who you can talk to about life, your struggles, your ‘man’ issues, your mental space, etc. We all need somebody. The power of friendship and brotherhood (And Sisterhood obviously) is so strong when we honour each other and lift each other up.

My hope for everyone reading this is that you come out of your situation and that God will comfort you and take the pain away.

God bless you and go and have an amazing week!


Victorious Everyday

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