It’s that time again! Summer is quite frankly upon us… we hope!

(Post Updated 21/04/19)

When I woke up and saw the sun blazing outside of my window, I knew that it was going to be a great day. Even though I was stuck at my desk at work, the sun enveloped the room. This post is dedicated to my friend, Ella, who asked about sunglasses shapes for different faces so this is me trying to help you all to get the perfect sunnies for you.

(I wrote this first bit when it was sunny. I’m hoping it comes back!)

Sunglasses 101

Before I go into my favourites, let’s talk about finding the right ones that work with your face. I did some research on a site called Evo which would be very helpful for anyone but I am just going to summarise it for you.

What is your face shape? (Check for glossary definitions of sunglasses types)

  1. Round – Try Square, Wrap, rectangle and shield styles would work best. Colourful frame could work well for you as well.
  2. Square – For a more balanced look, aviators, butterflies and rounded frames will help to round off the sharpness of your features.
  3. Oval – You can pretty much wear any shade – This is my face shape!
  4. Oblong – To get sunglasses that make you look good, try wrap, shield, square, wayfarer and rectangle styles. But avoid the chic mini shades!
  5. Diamond – Oval and rimless frames will really help to accentuate your face perfectly.
  6. Heart – Serve some face with cat-eye styles as well as shield, butterfly, rimless or aviator styles.

I would also suggest finding the style that works for you. You typically suit what you prefer so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles.

My Sunglasses Styling

Sunglasses are definitely my favourite accessory, right next to hats! For me, they really accentuate my face and I love experimenting with different shapes. Here are just a few styles that you need to get your hands on and some amazing places to get them from:

Circular Frames

These circular frames have been all over my Instagram lately. I really love these shades from Classy Men Collection. From Classy Men Collection, you can get yourself some amazing shades and accessories without breaking the bank when you use my code VICTORYFORU20 for 20% off!

And better yet they have a women’s department so ladies, you can get in on the great styles too.

I think circular shades are a brilliant way to make a nod to the recent tiny sunnies trend without looking too odd. In honesty, on some people, they look great, but it was never made for the masses like circular shade.


High Shine Shades

High shine shades can make an outfit look expensive. My biggest style secret is buying things affordably and making them look expensive. You can do this by buying strong statement pieces and adding them to simple looks.

Take my Hashtag Sunglasses, for example, my #Unique shades were only $52 (Approximately £37) and they have lasted me such a long time. It’s a great place to do a one-off purchase or a sunglasses haul. I’d say that they are up there with some of the other good sunglasses makers. Obviously, they are not designer but they will make you look like you’ve spent some designer money!

Block Colour Rims

If you do this, I would make sure that you either choose the colour to match your outfit or to contrast it. For example, my red Primark shades work really well with a plain and simple outfit or a red outfit like you see above. Picking the right rims for the right outfit is a talent that can take a little while to master so sticking to primary colours like blue and red would be advised as they go with almost anything.

Metallic Tones

I love the whole metallic trend from clothing to accessories. Contrasting my silver top from Asos and my Gold shades from H&M was a brilliant choice for me but if you are someone who is more reserved, sticking with silver shades would be your best bet.

For me, sunglasses give me confidence in the same way that watches, make-up and shoes do for other people. I hope you have enjoyed this post and that this has given you some insight into how to pick the perfect shades for you.

A blog post will be coming to you soon about the real reason I never leave home without a pair of sunglasses.

Which pair is your favourite? Comment below!

Thank you all for your time, God bless you and stay blessed.


Victorious Everyday

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