So, what is the deeper meaning?

(Post Updated 22/04/19)

Over the last couple of weeks, it has been sunny… in England. It’s a real shock. But alas, we’re back to the unpredictable British weather we all love to hate.

I was recently in Monaco (as you know) for the Grand Prix and it was sunny every day but I have realised something deeper about why I always have sunglasses with me.

Come rain or shine, if I have a bag with me, you’re probably going to find at least one pair of sunglasses in there.

I had some time of reflection recently and delved deeper into what this means:

Having sunglasses on me is a sign of readiness and preparation. It’s a metaphor… To quote Augustus Waters!

You can ask God for many things, Blessings, possessions, peace or patience etc. But if you do not prepare for them, you won’t be ready to receive it.

My sunglasses are a metaphor to show that I am ready to receive the blessing of the sun.

We often make the mistake of asking God for everything under the sun but failing to prepare for the blessing.

Asking for rain when you’re in a drought, without bringing buckets, will mean that you will not be able to receive it.

This is my simple encouragement to you, be prepared! Your blessings are on their way but it’s time for you to prepare to receive them.

It’s time to put your sunnies on and the blessings are about to shine!

Stay blessed. Do you feel inspired? Let me know in the comments below.


Victorious Everyday

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