September is Suicide prevention month. I’m not usually a fan of months designated to certain things such as Black History month, Black Music month etc. Why you may ask? Because we surely should honour, celebrate and be aware of these causes all year. Anyway, rant over, I thought this was a great catalyst for something I want to say.

1. You never know what someone is truly going through – We as human beings can become very self centred. We often forget that other people have issues too. How do you know that the person you just called fat isn’t contemplating suicide right now? How do you know that girl that you passed a rumour on about isn’t in her bathroom drinking bleach? How do you know that the boy walking with flowers, that you chuckled at because flowers aren’t very ‘manly’, isn’t laying them at the graveside of their father who recently took his life? You don’t know do you. So treat others with respect because who knows when you could be in that situation.

2. Kindness goes a long way – You have no idea how powerful a smile can be. Coming from someone who has looked suicide in its deep cavernous face, seeing a beautiful smile from anyone is a great distraction from the pain and self-loathing I was feeling. Why are we freighted as a people to randomly help someone, open a door, smile or asking if someone is okay? It seems like we lack the possibility to be kind. We need to reawaken this kindness because that is something that the world is missing. With it, who knows how many people will feel that little bit better in themselves and decide not to take the jump or tighten that rope.

I am using quite vivid truthful imagery for affect as this is now. 1 in 3 people will get a depression. This is at the same rate as cancer. Shocking right? Depression is a Cancerous illness which starts small and grows and grows and growd until it’s unbarable and a life is lost. A way that it can be healed is through chemotherapy but with your mind, you need ‘mental’ and ‘spiritual Chemotherapy.’ This leads me onto my third and final point of reasons why we should be kind.

3. We have no idea who we can affect – If you, for example, boost someone’s confidence a little bit and you knew they were suicidal, just think of who you’re actually helping. You are helping them, you are preventing their parents from loosing a child, a family from loosing a sibling or cousin or grandchild, a friendship group loosing a friend, a school loosing a student, a business loosing an employee… Okay you get where I am going with this. Helping someone is like making a ripple in pond, it affects the whole pond.

By helping to try and prevent suicide, you are becoming a hero. And if you find yourself in a situation where depression has taken over and you feel like your only way out is killing yourself, I’m here to tell you that it’s not. You are important, You are Beautiful and You are special even if you don’t see it now.

Be Alert, confident and creative.


Victorious Everyday

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