I am still in shock about that it snowed in the UK.

(Post Updated 22/04/19 – Most linked products are out of stock!)

I acted like a child for the first 4 hours… then I realised that I would have to ride my bike in the snow the next day… And needless to say, I have dropped off my bike a good couple of times due to black ice. I am so glad no one was around to see my clumsiness.

But if any good came out of the snow, it was the inspiration to wrote this blog post. I thought it would be the opportune time to take some content in the snow and create 4 different outfits that will keep you warm and stylish this winter.

Not everything in this post is still available in stores so I will provide you with alternatives to help you make it your own.

Look 1: Jack Frost

I was 100% trying to channel Jack Frost and Frozone with his outfit with the silver, white and blue hues. And I have to say, I think I have accomplished that.

The base of this look was a Silver Top from ASOS (Currently out of stock) and I decided to add a white sleeveless hoodie from Topman to separate the silver of the top and the jacket from Forever 21. The little additions of blue with the cropped chinos from ASOS (Also out of stock) and the spiky blue hat completed my look.

Look 2: Winter Warmer

Now, this look was quite outside of my comfort zone initially. It’s quite low key in comparison to what I would usually wear. However, I loved it in the end, so much so that I thought I’d (foolishly) challenge my model friend Addis Miller (Go and follow him!) to a who wore it better contest on Instagram so make sure you go and vote.

Go and comment on both of our Instagrams and follow us both. To vote for me, comment ? (The Crown Emoji) and to vote for Addis, comment ‘? (The Flex Emoji) and we’ll see who you prefer!

We both have on the same top who is now reduced to £7 from ASOS (A great gift for Christmas) and I adopted the warmer brown tones with my bulky and warm brown leather jacket and off-white bomber jacket from ASOS with my cropped chinos.  The warmer tones look great and also feels amazing. Investing in an insulated coat will really be a great value for money.


Look 3: Christmas Jumper Chic

Adding a bit more Christmas cheer back to the looks, a festive printed jumper can go a long way with this outfit. Using the jumper as the statement and framing it in white, you can create a look that’s an absolute masterpiece.

The longline shirt from ASOS is the perfect length to add more interesting lines to the look as well.

Look 4: Chilled Night out

For a more relaxed look, I went with my usual white dungarees from boohooman with a sleeveless khaki shirt and red plaid sweatshirt on top a white super longline T-shirt from ASOS. This creates a slouchy yet stylish silhouette. My beanie was lovingly knitted my Myssy Farmi, a Finnish brand I met earlier this year and my shoes are from Dogeek!

All of these looks are affordable looks that you can recreate with some of the alternatives I’ve suggested or by simply using my looks as inspiration.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and don’t forget to go and vote on Instagram. I’m excited to hear your opinions on who wore it better. Comment below who you think wore it better!

God bless.


Victorious Everyday.

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