Taking a break is necessary for growth and that is most certainly what I have been doing over the past couple of months.

From celebrating my 21st birthday to planning the launch of Oxfordshire Youth’s Youth Awards, I have remained very busy but I have made more time to collate my thoughts together so I can express more effectively.

In May, I have had the opportunity to perform at the Monaco Grand Prix and at the Hackney Half Marathon. After the marathon, I had a bit of a health scare which was very unnerving. I get regular migraines and that day, I had the worse one that I had ever had, it basically felt like I was having a stroke. All of the typical symptoms that they describe when someone is having a stroke were the feelings that I was having. Thanks be to God, that the paramedics got there on time and recommended me to go to my local hospital where I got seen to. I am glad to say I am fit and well not however the migraines still annoy me from time to time.

June was a month filled with busyness and love. We did Soulful House Hugs in both Oxford and Salisbury which my family and I (Team DJG) were so happy with how they turned out. Within that same time, I was doing a lot of behind the scenes planning with Oxfordshire Youth for the Youth Awards.

July was the month of CARNIVAL and boy was it fun! From the hustle and bustle of St Paul’s Carnival (Where I went semi-viral) to the warm comforts of the Cowley Road Carnival, that was a weekend of back to back performances which was hard on the body but was brilliant for the soul.

August was definitely the best month as I turned 21. I had a brilliant birthday with loads of surprises. A new video will be up on my channel soon… 3 months later! It was also a great month for birthdays as many of my besties are born in August and I also got to go and take some pictures with the Oxford Bus Company and we visited the New Theatre Oxford with the Oxfordshire Youth’s Youth Committee for the Youth Awards. The New Theatre is the venue for the Youth Awards that will be happening on 13th May 2020!

September was another interesting month. Starting off with London Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio (Video coming soon) and then ending the month in Monaco at the Monaco Yacht Show.

October has been a brilliant month in regard to Oxfordshire Youth as on the 26th October, we officially launched the Youth Awards in the Westgate in Oxford with a Flashmob. I was honoured to choreograph this with the help of Ellisha and the whole Messy Jam crew. It turned out so well that we even ended up in the Oxford Mail

Thank you for your patience as I work behind the scenes but now I am back and ready to share but I don’t think you are quite ready for all of the deepness that I want to drop. I hope you enjoy this next wave of Victoryforu.

Thank you for reading.


Victorious Everyday

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