I am still stunned that God allowed us to go to the Monaco Yacht Show.


Not only did he take us there, he was definitely showing us some serious favour. One of these amazing experiences was when we got to go on a Yacht. This was not your basic yacht – at least it wasn’t to us normal people – this was a seriously modern house that just so happened to float.

The story of this yacht tour all started with a simple question, “Could we come and see your Yacht?” And a simple reply of, “Yes!” Now this was a moment that I can never forget.

We were preparing for our second set at Stars ‘N’ Bars during the Monaco Yacht Show and my dad wandered off to take some pictures and to go live on Facebook. Shortly after he went live, a blogger and great friend of ours AfroChickOnTheRun – She is Micsholla to us though – put us in contact with a lovely beauty blogger KelliLash who was so kind to us. She was the one who helped us to get into the more exclusive parts of the Yacht Show. She pulled some strings and before we knew it, we were walking to the Monaco Yacht Club through the entrance where all of these gargantuan Yachts were.

We were then greeted by a very lovely chap called Matthew Stanton who said, “With a hat like that, one of you must be a DJ.” Matthew works for an amazing company called Sunseeker that do exquisite Yachts for the rich and famous. After sitting and having a chat with him about who we all were, why were in Monaco and whether my hat could take someone’s eye out, he took us onto one of their biggest yachts, the Sonishi.

Before we could even step foot on the yacht, our shoes either needed to come off or be covered by shoe bags that protected the vessel from any outside dirt. This yacht charters from €175,000 to €185,000 per week (£153153.31 to £161904.93 – you know, pocket money!) so I had no issues taking my shoes off. My family and I definitely did not have our sea legs to start (especially my mum) when we saw the ramp to the yacht swaying from side to side. Matthew reassured us that it was safe and that he hadn’t lost anyone yet. We descended onto this exquisite piece of aquatic architecture that glistened in the Monaco sun as we were greeted by smiling staff who worked on the Sonishi.

Taken from living room to the bed quarters, dining room to the bridge, jacuzzi to the sun loungers, we quickly realised that this yacht had EVERYTHING!

Check out the full Yacht Tour below:

I don’t think I have ever been on anything this luxurious in my life but weirdly, I did not feel out of place. There was a comfort found in this vast extravagance as it was an aspirational marker to set dreams by. If you work hard, make the money that you need to survive and help others, maybe one day you can have a yacht party to celebrate the goodness of life. With 5 cabins, 10 guests, 8 crew, a living room probably big enough for a small Apple board meeting, this would be a reward to receive after you have put in the work. I think there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself a little with something after doing a job.

Would I personally charter a yacht? Not yet – with my lemonade budget – but one day, I would love to be in the position to be able to make that decision. Some of the other brilliant features that the Sonishi has is: 

  • Impressive top speed of 22 knots (25MPH)
  • Three decks
  • Private Lounge
  • Study
  • Sky lounge, equipped with ornate bar – perfect for entertaining guests
  • Widescreen TVs
  • A collection of water toys including Jet tenders, Seadoos (jetskis), sea bobs and so much more.

Make sure you check out the Sunseeker website to see all the amazing products they do: https://www.sunseeker.com/en-GB/ 

After the tour of the Sonishi, the luxury life did not end there. We had to get back for our gig at Stars ‘N’ Bars before 5:30 so that we could get settled before we needed to start. Matthew suggested that we got a taxi boat back. Not being in the know, we all thought that it would be one of those little boats that literally looked like a taxi, boy were we wrong!

Walking down on to the jetty, we approached this speed boat and we were told that this would take us to where we needed to go. My parents still didn’t quite have their sea legs but we all loved the journey; however, I am sure I was too adrenaline and shock filled to think about the sea rocking us about.

We darted back over to the other side of the harbour going past other speedboats, superyachts and huge sea vessels that all seemed to capture the light and look fantastic. I still reflect on that moment with absolute humility because things like that don’t usually happen for guys like me. I knew it was God. I am writing this very luxury blog post to show you that it doesn’t matter where you have come from or what has happened in your life, when God has a plan for your life, he is going to get you there. This is the first of – hopefully – many more luxury blogs where I can show you what is available for you when you have the kind of affluence that the millionaires and billionaires have. I hope and pray that your life will be so successful that chartering (or buying) a yacht won’t be something that is even out of your reach.

God Bless and remember, It’s a God Ting!


Victorious Everyday

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