Our world has changed so much lately because of the global pandemic, COVID-19. With this health pandemic, fear comes alongside it and now we are living in a world stricken by fear.

As confusing as this time is, I wanted to provide a bit of solace in the form of my new Youtube video where I get really honest about how I am feeling at this time along with some tips on how to stay occupied, positive and how to maintain a level head. I hope you enjoy this video:

In my video, I highlighted 3 tips in regard to having a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 was the scripture that I was referring to if you’d like to go and check it out. If you missed those tips, here they are below:


  1. Disconnect from your phone – Fill your time with things that will feed your mind, body or spirit.
  2. Limit your news intake – Delete the news app from your phone and try to stick to watching the news once a day.
  3. Protect your mind from things that shouldn’t be there – Build up the mental strength to push away those dark thoughts and know who you can rely on in these times as well.

Let me know in the comments below – if you feel confident enough – how this overwhelming time is making you feel.

This whole situation is not easy on anyone, whether you are rich or poor, female or male, whether you practice a faith or not, everyone is struggling. It is important to remain compassionate and to try to do things to better yourself. Whether you are naturally more athletic, entrepreneurial, creative, performative, introverted, logical or academic, you need to find something that you can work on to help you feel a bit more in control.

Here are some links to helpful places and some inspiration for different things you can do around the house to keep you occupied, productive and safe:

Think the most common thing to do is exercise but if you are anything like me… you really won’t want to do that. As discussed in my video, I had a mini asthma attack after doing light exercises (some stretching, 5 situps, 5 mountain climbers, and 5 star jumps) which really knocked my confidence and also knocked the wind out of me for at least an hour.

Despite it really messing with my confidence, I am determined to try again… next week!

Find a type of exercise that works for you, whether that is Zumba, walking, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, calisthenics or running, you should be able to try them all from home or during your 1 exercise per day.

Here are some handy exercise resources from some amazing people that I follow:

The Body Coach – Great for all the family

Lifestyle Limitless

Zoom Training

Freddie Pearson Fitness

RS Fitness Coaching

Emily Furey

Ellese’s Fitness

The Wade TwinsHenry and William Wade

Centr – From Chris Hemsworth himself

This the best time to start drawing up a business plan for that thing you have always wanted to create for yourself and your family. Yes, money may be tight, but planning out the steps that you will need to take once the financial stability returns will help you to have something to focus on.

Some Entrepreneurs for you to follow and read up about:

Leomie Anderson with LAPP the Brand

Grace Beverley with TALA, Shreddy, and B_ND

Reece Wabara with Maniere De Voir

Lewis Morgan, Co-founder of Maniere De Voir, Gym Shark and co-host of the Realism Podcast with Reece and Lewis

Ben Francis with Gym Shark

Patricia Bright has even made a video about income streams that you could create whilst you are at home. Check out her video here!

Try learning (Or re-learning like me) a new language such as French, Spanish, German or Mandarin. 

Apps such as Babbel, Memrise or Duolingo are great ones to start learning vocabulary. If you have any friends who live abroad, why not try to speak to them in their mother tongue.

You know that stack of books you have on your desk in your room or on that lonely bookshelf, why not try and read some of them and fuel your mind with useful information.

Try to read the bible and pray more, learn about other cultures or start your own blog or youtube channel.

Before you get completely sucked into the world of NetFlix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime – all great pastimes – try and get a bit creative.

Start dancing or creating TikToks, grab a paintbrush or a pencil and create a masterpiece, sing some covers or produce music of your own, make a short film, music video or do back garden photoshoots with your phone or camera, tap into your literary skill and write short stories or poetry… or a novel if you like!

Let loose in the garden and plant some seeds, cook a new dish, try different science experiments with things you already have in your cupboards at home. Try and get those creative juices flowing before you veg out in front of the TV or laptop.

There’s are just a handful of ways that you can stay productive throughout this period. I believe that in order for us to get through this, we need to stay connected! Whether that is through Facetime, House Party, Instagram Live, Bigo, iMessage or Whatsapp, we all need to keep talking to one another. 

I pray that we all find peace and a way to connect with our local, national and global communities.

Remember that, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

If you need a reminder of the tips, please watch the video again.



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