On 14th June 2020, I debuted my very first short film – Black Lives Matter : The Dance Project.

I have always wanted to make films or create something more than just a normal YouTube video. My ultimate dream is to one day be creating stories to be seen on Stage, Screen, and TV. But we all have to start somewhere and I am very proud of my first. Here it is:

I wanted to channel all of my hurt, frustration, and upset about racism in this world into something and God presented me with this idea. Creating this was so outside of my comfort zone but I am glad I did it. Hopefully, it will help to show white people and non-black people of colour a small view of what it is like to be black. The ridicule, the entrapment, the mass incarceration, the slavery, the micro-aggressions, the lot. I wanted to show these all when I performed and I hope that it came across.

I have also recently written an article for my new column for the new community magazine Collective Conversationz.  I wrote it all about cultural appropriation, I intended for this article to be provocative and to mimic the tone of some of the media that are out there that describes how black people. I wrote it in this sarcastic tone to highlight how damaging the media has been and continue to be in the portrayal of black people. Check it out here, it is called ‘For The Culture.’

I hope that this time of raising awareness that Black Lives really do Matter will continue to be a movement and not just a moment. I am proud to have been involved speaking at a protest and I will continue to use my platform to talk about injustices in this world.

If you are looking for petitions to sign or ways to educate yourself, click on my linktree as I have provided a lot for you all: linktr.ee/victoriousdarius 



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