This page is all about 21 X 21 where you will find progress updates.

21 X 21 is a charitable and self-improvement driven challenge that was created to bring a smile to your face, raise awareness of different causes and to make you think about others around you. I hope to complete everything by the time I am 21 but if not, I will continue them until they are all completed.

I hope you support me on this 21 x 21 journey. Not everything will be filmed, but you will know once everything has been completed. 21 X 21 list:

1. TSM (Timothy School of Ministry)

2. Get Healthy

3. Donate Blood

4. Pass Freelance Journalism course with BCJ (Completed it)

5. Get an article published.

6. Finish my Novel

7. Get the Novel published

8. 10K

9. Half Marathon

10. Marathon

11. Indoor Skydiving

12. Skydiving

13. Abseiling

14. Bungee Jumping

15. Attend LFWM (Completed in the first weekend of 2019)

16. Put on a charity ball

17. Create a dance video

18. Start a new business

19. Put on a charity music event

20. Have my directorial debut

21. Relaunching Victoryforu blog – You’re on it now so I think it’s a success! 

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